Clean, renewable energy is the ideal we should be striving for. I support development of geothermal, wind, and solar energy.

We cannot expect to entirely eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels, but we can continue to reduce it.

Nuclear power is controversial but I believe it's a big win in terms of capacity and reducing emissions. The big question is safety, both in operation and in handling waste. Another important question is how mining of the fuel will be done: it must not wreck the environment or create toxic plumes that endanger communities. A third important factor is how much water is needed for cooling and other operations. If nuclear energy comes to Utah, I'll want to take a close look at these factors.

Oil, gas, and coal are significant sectors of Utah's energy economy. As we seek to reduce our dependence on, and extraction of, these resources, it's important to help the workers and communities transition to jobs that will help them stay afloat. Skills and equipment used for oil and gas drilling may transfer well to geothermal drilling.

Undetected leakage of methane from natural gas wells and pipelines is a concern, as methane is a potent greenhouse gas. I support efforts and funding to detect and repair such leaks in wells and pipelines in Utah. We should be good environmental stewards.

In addition to energy generation, we have to think about storage and transmission. We need to make sure our electrical grid is modern, maintained, and secure.