Internet voting

Internet voting is a bad idea.

I'm an experienced software engineer. My experience in the cybersecurity world informs my belief that casting votes remotely over a public network is extremely risky. Whereas the physical nature of vote-by-mail makes it extremely difficult to tamper with or forge paper ballots, the same is not true of purely digital signals. Even the world's largest financial firms that have strict security controls spend lots of money trying to keep their systems from being compromised. Public-network voting is an invitation to malicious actors to hijack our elections in ways that are instantaneous, undetectable, and achievable at large scale.

Only for tightly controlled environments, such as voting from an overseas military installation, would I consider it to be possibly viable, and even then I'd look at any proposal very critically.

This webcomic, by popular author and former NASA engineer Randall Munroe, captures it well: