Ethics and transparency in government

  • End gerrymandering
  • Make voting more inclusive and voter-friendly
  • Support free and fair elections
  • Strengthen conflict-of-interest rules
  • Stop closed-room and special-interest legislating
  • Oppose using state resources to serve partisan interests
  • Let the press do their job—they're not the enemy

Conservation and wise stewardship of our natural resources

  • Improve air quality
  • Conserve water and save our natural lakes & streams
  • Foster smart, sensibly-restrained growth
  • Grow our mass-transit and clean-energy options
  • Challenge private takeovers of our public treasures

Careful investment in Utah's foundations of society

  • Fund public education and compensate teachers/staff fairly
  • Fill in gaps in mental health services
  • Expand support services for refugees, chronically disabled, domestic violence victims, single parents, other disadvantaged groups
  • Protect businesses' freedom to protect their workplaces from contagious illnesses
  • Promote affordable housing and livable/walkable communities
  • Fight affinity fraud and other predatory nonviolent crimes
  • Respect and adequately compensate civil servants, first responders, health care workers, bus and snowplow drivers, etc.