Why I'm Running

Why run for office?

I see a need for a different style of politics—a return to a mindset of constructive problem-solving. If I want change to happen, shouldn't I do my part to help it?

I feel that I have a duty to listen to, understand, inform, and care about everyone in the district regardless of your views—whether you're my staunchest supporter or fiercest opponent.

That's why I'm running for the Utah House of Representatives to represent Spanish Fork, Salem, and Woodland Hills.

Our two major political parties do a lot of good (I'm sincere here!) but they also wield enormous power and demand certain acts of loyalty even when those go against the interests of citizens in our communities and state. When a party punishes its own members for speaking truth or supporting honorable candidates from the "wrong" side, or seeks to accumulate power without limit, or manipulates the playing field to give itself a permanent advantage, or puts winning elections above every other concern—a change is needed.

I'm running as a candidate of the United Utah Party because I want to help make that change. The UUP doesn't require loyalty pledges or litmus tests, nor does it require candidates to mouth the same talking points to create a self-serving narrative. Its platform is sensible and aligns with common-sense views of most Utahns—but the folks in the party don't mind if someone thinks differently on an issue.

Our toxic partisan politics are poisoning the public sphere, turning off good citizens from wanting to be involved or even pay attention—and that just makes things worse. Perhaps you're one of these citizens who has wished for a better political climate because you, too, want to contribute, but you don't want to experience the cancerous effects of partisanship.

In emergency medicine, a neutralizing agent like activated charcoal can save someone from being poisoned. I want to be a neutralizing agent, who's not invested in a my-team-versus-your-team battle for power, but in bringing people onto common ground and finding solutions from good ideas wherever they may spring forth. I want to make it easier for everyone to get better informed and to participate more fully in our "government of the People, by the People, and for the People."

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For a deeper look at my principles and ideals, see my Principles page.

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