I want to be a moderate, pragmatic, compassionate voice to represent the many people who feel alienated by extremism, dishonesty, and partisanship.

My ideals include:

  • Golden Rule
    Behave towards all others as I would want them to behave towards me and others in similar circumstances. Be the public servant I expect others to be.
  • Civic duty
    Uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the Utah Constitution, and seek to sustain or restore the appropriate balance of powers.
  • Public interest
    Use public office for the public interest, never my own. Avoid all conflicts of interest, recuse when a conflict is unavoidable, and disclose upfront when recusal is not allowed.
  • Be informed
    Understand issues, circumstances, and legislation. Seek perspectives of various stakeholders and citizens.
  • Truth
    Be intellectually honest and humble: respect good ideas and truth wherever they're found.
  • Altruism
    Be compassionate and inclusive: seek to be a blessing and not a burden for the disadvantaged and marginalized. Pay forward our own privileges obtained for us by generations past, to secure a better future for generations ahead.
  • Public integrity
    Be transparent and protective of the public trust. Expose and fight corruption and abuse of public office.
  • Accountability
    Improve and expand mechanisms that allow the powerful to be held accountable by the law and by the citizens. Be accountable myself to my constituents and to all the people of Utah.
  • Fairness
    Level the playing field. Eradicate gerrymandering and other laws or practices that award disproportionate partisan advantage.
  • Appreciation
    Be supportive of election workers, educators, journalists, health care workers, emergency responders, civil servants, and others whose unsung efforts sustain our lives and liberties. Recognize and appreciate the good intentions and deeds of people even in the face of policy disagreements.
  • Pragmatism
    Seek balanced, sensible, and maximally-acceptable solutions.
  • Prudence
    Be careful with taxpayer money. Direct it towards real public needs, and away from special interests and private profiteers.
  • Conservation
    Protect and carefully manage our irreplaceable resources.
  • Trust but verify
    Take expertise seriously and respectfully, but ask tough questions and be on guard for unfounded claims or unexamined conventional wisdom.